Hellfire Tornado [ Crowfall ]

Hellfire Tornado [Crowfall]

Cleric Spirit Hammers [ Crowfall]

Cleric Spirit Hammers [Crowfall]

Druid Coalesce Nature [Crowfall]

Assassin Shadowstep [Crowfall]


Hellfire Tornado [Crowfall]

Tornado effect for the Confessor’s Hellfire combo on Crowfall. Created with versatility in mind and has since been used for all tornado powers in-game [Druid’s Wicked Winds, Wolf & Elk’s Snownado’s]. The 2 shaders allow changes to many facets of the effect, giving control of the 3 layered textures, their individual pan speeds, colors, glows, and masks.

Sprite textures

Cleric Spirit Hammers [Crowfall]

These are the Cleric’s basic attacks on Crowfall. As a soft-target power, these hammers acquire a target location and draw from a start position through a generated arc controlled by a direction and magnitude. This single effect can be randomized or tightly controlled for varying hammer throws.

Added a liquid trail to sell the heat of the newly welded hammers and ghost effect for speed & volume.

Made with Popcorn FX & Unity.

ArcDir - controls the direction of the throw.
ArcScale - controls the horizontal and vertical magnitudes.

The midpoint on the arc is generated by first calculating the distance and forward direction between point A and point B. Then take the start position, add half of the forward, plus the ArcScale.x * direction * the cross axis of the forward, and finally adding the ArcScale.y in the scene’s up axis.

MP = S + F/2 + AS.x * AD * cross(F,Up) + Up*distance*AS.y


Druid’s Coalesce Nature [Crowfall]

Healing orb effect for the Druid’s basic cast on Crowfall. After sprouting, the remaining orb persists until colliding and healing the caster or teammate.

Inspired by the lore of the Crowfall Druid & calling of wisps, the orbs needed elements that embodied ‘life’.

Made with Popcorn FX & Unity.